Why We Encourage Our Clients to List Early In The Season

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If you’ve been considering selling your home or investment property, the question of when to place your property on the market has probably come to mind. While your home could sell during any season of the year as long as it’s priced right and is appealing to prospective buyers, there are, without a doubt, going to be better times to sell than others. Since most Buyers and Sellers shop real estate during the summer months, summer is recognized by those in real estate as being the peak real estate season. This is why we encourage our listing clients to not hesitate and place their properties on the market early in the season to gain an edge on their competitors. 

More Competition On the Market

One reason you should place your property on the market early in the season is simply because there’s more competition on the market, which gives you, the Seller, an edge over your competitors and provides the opportunity to obtain the sale price that you want. With winter over and the weather warming up, Buyers are eager to get out of the house and begin looking for their new home. They don’t want to wait until July or August when it’s hot, they will do it now while the weather is still cool, leaving time for future renovations before sending their kids back to school. Also, let’s face it, there are only so many buyers who are looking and qualified to buy your home. Serious Buyers jump on the market earlier in the season to ensure they get first pick and have a better chance of getting the home they want. While early season Buyers do well, Sellers do equally well as competing early season Buyers stimulate the real estate market and help to ensure Sellers get their asking price. 

Much Better Curb Appeal

Many do not think of this, but spring and early summer are the best times to sell your home because the exterior landscape is in it’s growing season and looks its best. Even if you’ve staged the interior of your home to appear as inviting and welcoming as possible, the first glimpse of your home that’s afforded to prospective buyers is the exterior of the property, which includes your front yard and any landscape amenities that you have situated in the yard. If the exterior of your home doesn’t look good, there’s a much lower chance that buyers will schedule a tour to see the rest of your home. Therefore, early in the season is the best time to sell because your home will automatically have better curb appeal

Allows You to Close Prior To The Beginning of The School Year

Most buyers with families want to be able to close the sale of the house by the end of summer since they want their children to be able to return to school at the start of the school year without any issues. By listing your home early in the season, you’ll give buyers plenty of time to make an offer on your home and go through the closing process before the end of summer occurs. Additionally, most Buyers would like to have time to complete a few renovations to the hope prior to move in and, perhaps, prior to the kids returning to school. An early listing and close of escrow will make your property more desirable to Buyers with these concerns. 

Your Home Will Sell Quicker

The final reason that the best time to sell your home is early in the season is because you should be able to sell your home quicker. Along with the fact that homes typically sell at a higher price point in the spring and early summer months, they also stay on the market for a much shorter period of time compared to homes that are listed later in the season and during the winter months. Studies performed by Zillow have found that homes that are listed in April, May, and June sell 15 percent quicker than at any other period of the year, which is great if you want a quick sale or need to move quickly for a new job or simply don’t want to deal with upkeep on your home any longer.

Now that you know why the best time to sell your home is early in the season, you can start getting ready to place your property on the market. Call Jeff Underdahl and his team of highly skilled real estate professionals today to help you with all of your real estate needs.

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